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Robyn Talley returned from Tanzania in 2009 with the dream of helping Faridah Mgunda and Mamma Gorotto build their maternity home.  In talking with her husband Marty, he suggested she use her knitting skills towards this goal. She began talking with friends who offered to help her. Friends began to knit baby clothes, blankets, hats, booties, and scarfs to sell at local craft shows. Each sweater, blanket and hat is lovingly knit by hand. As word spread, others from as far away as Canada offered to help with the knitting. We currently have nine women knitting for Global Baby Steps. We meet monthly to knit, eat and talk. All materials and time are donated so 100% of the sales can be used for maternity projects.

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Below are statements for some of the knitters:

I am always knitting. Even with 10 grandchildren, I could only make so many sweaters for them. When Robyn came into the yarn shop where I worked and talked about what she was doing, I jumped right in and offered to knit for her.”
– Sandy

I met Robyn at a non-profit fair. I have always knit baby sweaters for friends, but was excited to use by knitting skills to help women and babies who need basic medical care. I love being able to knit different items in different yarns and colors. I like that when people purchase our items they are getting a unique, handmade gift in quality yarn that can be passed down.
– Amy

I love the mission and I love to knit. This gave me the opportunity to do both.
– Janet

I’m a mother, and as a mother I can’t imagine the despair someone would feel to not have the opportunity of a healthy delivery.
– Betsie

It gives me much joy to know that I can put my knitting talents to use to help those who are in such need of basic necessities.